Customer Testimonials

I have been a client of Lou's since 1990 and felt privileged to have experienced his passion and skill. He has worked on my revolvers, semi-autos, rifles and shotguns and I can say without hesitation I have been pleased in every way. If you want  the finest action tuning, hand cut checkering, sights, finish work or grips, Lou is your one stop shop!

Gary A.

I work for the California Department of Fish and Game and have always had an affinity for the 1911 pistol, but never owned one I could count on to be 100% reliable. For that reason, when I switched from a revolver to a semi-auto I went to a Glock.

A gun shop that I frequented told me about Lou’s ability to make the 1911 reliable. I brought my Colt 70 series to him and he changed the entire lock work, and a few others to match-grade parts, and tuned it for reliability.

I picked it up when it was finished and could not wait until after work the next day to try it out. Instead, I got up extra early the next morning and arrived at my favorite shooting spot before it was really light enough to see exactly where my shots were hitting. I fired 50 rounds as fast as I could load them and there wasn’t a jam.

It has never failed and has been my constant sidearm ever since.

Brian H.

I own a variety of Kimber 1911’s, but was not quite happy with the triggers on them so I gave them to Lou to see what he could do. On the earlier models he was able to hone and adjust the parts as they came from Kimber and got perfect no creep and lightened triggers, set to my specifications. The later models needed some parts changed in order to get a perfect trigger out of them.

I wanted at least one of the full size ones to shot one inch groups at 25 yards, but could not get that. I brought the problem to Lou and he said that even thought the Kimber’s had match grade barrels and bushings in them, they weren’t hand fitted and consequently, the tolerances were way off. He fitted a Kart barrel and bushing to one of them and that gun will shoot an inch or less now. I am perfectly happy with the guns accuracy and will have another one done soon.

Gary L.

I have an older Colt Python that I have always enjoyed shooting. At a gun shop that I used to frequent they told me that Lou did some real nice grip work and actually had one in there that he had made a pair of grips for. I thought then and there that I had to have a pair made. They look very Pythonish yet different and much prettier wood. I have never been so happy.

Bill T.

I recently bought a Kimber Custom Target II and was disappointed with it in two areas. The trigger had a gritty pull to it and the accuracy was not what I thought it should be. A friend of mine told me to let Lou work it over, and so I did. I am very pleased with the outcome, because now I have a gun I am satisfied with. The trigger is what I think a 1911 should be and the gun shoots more accurately than I can hold.

Charlie I.

I had an older Ruger Super Blackhawk that I wanted converted to a Bisley. Lou did this and made a set of beautiful walnut grips for it. It is an entirely different gun now and feels so good in my hand that I hate to put it down. Factory Bisley’s don’t feel this comfortable in my hand. A world of difference, and truly beautiful gun to behold.

David M.

Lou checkered and refinished a 70 Series Colt 1911 for me and it came back looking much better than new. The bluing is a real deep blue and the checkering looks like it really belongs there, is the best way I can describe it. He also made a set of uncheckered, but beautifully figured walnut grip panels for it and it is a sharp looking gun now.

Michael W.